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San Francisco Tries to Make Life Affordable in Costly City


The article, “San Francisco Tries to Make Life Affordable in Costly City,” featured on Associated Press, discussed how Mayor Ed Lee is expected to sign legislation approved Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors that requires employers to provide fully paid six-week leaves for new mothers and fathers.

Jason Geller discussed how employers will cover their paid sick leave costs.

Jason said he expects retailers to pass on the costs to consumers who can and will pay higher prices in a bid to make the city more equitable.

"I am a business person and a resident of San Francisco, and I know that if they can pass on that expense, people will pay it," he said. "We know that consumers in San Francisco will pay higher prices."

Paid leave has become a topic in the presidential campaign as companies, especially in Silicon Valley, start offering better benefits. Twitter announced Tuesday that it would offer up to 20 weeks of fully paid leave for new parents in the U.S., starting May 1.

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