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Sacramento Lawyer Discusses First Ever Supreme Court Case on the CFAA


In an interview with Law Week Colorado, William Mosher discusses the United States Supreme Court’s first ever case on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and what it might mean for employers moving forward. William reminds employers of the importance of the case as it highlights an issue that has always been there, which is how to define and regulate employee access to computer systems.

William explains that the CFAA provides a remedy that might not otherwise be available to employers in certain situations, especially those involving “actions that we all kind of feel are wrong but maybe don’t fall under another category of tort.” He then goes on to describe the potential impact of the case outcome, and notes that “if the Supreme Court adopts a narrow interpretation of the CFAA, employers will have a much harder time asserting claims against employees who misuse digital information at a time when record numbers of employees are working from home, many with more computer access than they had before.”

To read the article, visit Law Week Colorado.


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