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Sacramento Attorney Discusses Recently Passed Worker Protection Bills


In the Daily Journal article titled “Batch of worker protection bills pass in state Legislature,” Sacramento attorney Benjamin M. Ebbink discusses a slew of recently passed bills from the California legislature that address worker protection issues. According to Ben, two bills, Assembly Bills 1870 and 3081, are well-intentioned but will create strains for employers if signed into law.

AB 1870 would extend the time to file violations under the California Fair Employment Housing Act from one year to three years, while AB 3081 would create a presumption of retaliation for any adverse employment action taken within 30 days of a worker’s disclosure as a victim of sexual harassment. As Ben notes, “When you have these types of presumptions, employees who sometimes know they’re about to be terminated will do something to cloak themselves in protected status.”

To read the full article, visit the Daily Journal (subscription required).


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