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Right To Work Law Could Put Michigan Back On The Business Map


Tampa Partner Steve Bernstein was quoted in the December 11 Reuters article “Right To Work Law Could Put Michigan Back On The Business Map.” The Michigan legislature voted to pass controversial right-to-work legislation that prohibits employers from requiring all employees who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement to join the union or pay the equivalent in union dues after thirty days from initial employment, whether they want to or not. The article noted that the new law is a big step toward encouraging business investment in the heavily unionized state. Supporters of right-to-work claim it tempers industry fears of dealing with the United Auto Workers union and makes Michigan more competitive against neighboring industrial states such as Ohio, which does not have such a law. Steve said: "Maybe this is a game-changer for Michigan. If we're going to compete with states like Ohio, maybe they're saying, well, this is an ace in the hole for us."


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