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Republicans Set to Influence National Labor Relations Board


In the article, "Republicans set to influence National Labor Relations Board," featured in Business Insurance, Partner Steven Bernstein provides commentary on the expected assumption of a Trump appointed general counsel and the effects that will have on future hearings. 

Bernstein said the appointment of a new general counsel is particularly crucial. The general counsel “really serves as the chief prosecutor of the NLRB, meaning that he or she is ultimately that person who decides” whether certain cases are heard by NLRB judges, and it is those cases that are heard by the board, he said. “They’re the gatekeeper, so to speak.”

Bernstein said he would expect to see a shift in the way cases involving issues including arbitration policies and handbooks are handled. They may now be dismissed at one of the 34 NLRB regions without reaching the board level, he said.

To read the full article, please visit Business Insurance.


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