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Releases for Early Retirement Offers Must Comply with OWBPA


SHRM Online quoted C.R. Wright of the Atlanta office in the May 9 article "Releases for Early Retirement Offers Must Comply with OWBPA (Older Workers Benefit Protection Act)." The article noted that retirement for U.S. workers who are being encouraged to leave employment have become less common as defined benefit plans have become rarer. C.R. said, "Managers need to understand that it may be unlawful to even ask an individual about their plans for retirement." He said that proper communication about an early retirement incentive program is key. "There is often much uncertainty among employees who hear rumors in advance or who have questions in connection with such plans about the future impact on individuals and the company. With the right approach and involvement by management, human resources and legal counsel, the goals of the company can be accomplished while managing employee relations and ensuring compliance with the law."


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