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Reintroduced Legislation Focuses on H-1B Visa Reforms


In the article, "Reintroduced Legislation Focuses on H-1B Visa Reforms," featured on SHRM, attorney Kim Thompson discuses how lawmakers from both parties are reintroducing immigration-related bills to limit the use of H-1B visas for skilled foreign guest workers.

Kim Thompson, a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips and chair of the firm's Global Immigration Practice Group, said the U.S. should "definitely be taking steps to retain those highly educated, highly skilled people that we are training" and would like to see a more fair system for employers than the random lottery. "It's difficult and unfair for employers," she said. "They are required to complete petitions and pay attorneys to prepare the petitions which may just get rejected and returned if not randomly selected. It's a real waste of resources."

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