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Regional Managing Partner Talks to the Denver Business Journal About Making Offices Work Amid the Pandemic


In an interview with the Denver Business Journal, Regional Managing Partner Mike Greco explains how the move to a new office has offered plenty of unforeseen benefits as he works through the challenges of bringing employees physically back together.  He notes that the much larger space makes it easier for employees to social distance while still being able to collaborate with colleagues. He adds that the private offices in the new space have glass doors, which help employees feel like they’re working alongside each other even when safely separated.

Mike explains that there are true benefits to having employees physically together in an office, and one of those benefits comes in the form of in-person training for junior employees. He adds, “[t]here’s no doubt young associates will not be effectively trained if we all of a sudden went to 100% remote working.” Other law firm leaders might feel the same way, and thus Mike predicts that the industry will likely continue to see law firms occupying office space and collaborating in-person for years to come.

To read the article, visit the Denver Business Journal (subscription required).


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