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Recording Conversations at Work: Can You Record Remote Workers?


In the article, "Recording Conversations at Work: Can You Record Remote Workers?" featured on Flexjobs, attorney Michael Marra provides details on recording rules in each state as well as federal vs. state rules. 

“Employers that implement blanket anti-recording policies are setting themselves up for potential trouble since the law is unsettled,” said Marra.

“In addition, employers should strongly consider the repercussions of disciplining employees for surreptitious workplace recordings, regardless of the relevant State’s governing law,” says Marra.

“Remember, however, employers, that aside from those legitimate business purposes, the resulting recordings may just as likely be used against an employer in future litigation/disputes, as for the employer, and the recording may also result in certain preservation obligations that come with expense,” says Marra.

To read the full article, please visit Flexjobs.


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