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Rebooting Anti-Discrimination Efforts


The article, “Rebooting Anti-Discrimination Efforts,” featured on HR Executive Online, highlighted a new report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that suggests not enough is being done to prevent workplace harassment.

Randy Coffey weighed in on the report.

Regardless of the EEOC's newly heightened scrutiny and activism, employers should be reviewing their anti-harassment policies, procedures and training initiatives periodically, according to Randy. He conceded that some parts of the new report might constitute overreach on the part of the EEOC -- particularly the recommendation that agency researchers be allowed to come to the employer's place of business and assess the climate and level of harassment both before and after implementation of new training initiatives. Overall, however, Randy feels the report is a "pretty positive document" that gives helpful guidance toward creating an environment that's less hospitable to harassment.  

"On the whole, it's a good compendium that provides a roadmap to employers that are concerned about their workplace environment," said Randy. "The checklists provide a good starting point that allows a company to sit down and strategically think about where they want to go and to what extent what they are already doing is consistent with the best practices that the EEOC has set forth."

To read the full article, please visit HR Executive Online.


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