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Realities of Trump-Era NLRB


Joseph Ambash was quoted in the article “Realities of Trump-Era NLRB” which was featured in INSIDE HIGHER ED. In a blow to the graduate student union movement on private campuses, three would-be unions withdraw their petitions from the National Labor Relations Board, saying they'll instead return to seeking voluntary recognition. 

Joseph Ambash, who represented Brown University in its successful case against its would-be graduate student union in 2004, the last time the NLRB considered the graduate employee issue, said Wednesday that in removing their cases from the NLRB, the unions are indeed eliminating the possibility that the board will rule against them. Yet he said it escaped him as to why unions might think universities that had refused to voluntarily recognize them for years and even decades in some cases would do so now. 

“I just don’t understand that rationale,” he added. 

To read the full article, visit INSIDE HIGHER ED.


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