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'Quickie' Union Elections Yielding Mixed Results


Bert Brannen was quoted in the Atlanta Business Chronicles on August 8, 2015. The article “'Quickie' Union Elections Yielding Mixed Results” discussed the early going mixed results of the federal “quickie” elections rule for labor unions.

“The early data ... sends a mixed message,” said Bert. “It indicates unions are attempting to take advantage of the new process and creating issues for employers who may oppose the unions’ efforts. [But] the number of elections to go to a vote have decreased. ... Some employers may see that as a positive sign.”

"We were expecting it might go as high as 80 [percent]," Bert said.

Still, Bert noted, the additional petitions being filed under the new rule are creating more work for employers by forcing them to prepare for issues that arise from the stepped-up organizing activity.

Bert said he doesn't suspect the new rule is having much impact on employer preparedness for union organizing efforts.

"Employers that were very sensitive have continued doing the preventive things that inoculate them from the unions," he said. "Those who didn't do anything before still have their heads in the sand."

To read the full article, please visit the Atlanta Business Chronicle.


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