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Questions persist on new mining safety rule


In the article, "Questions persist on new mining safety rule," featured in Business Insurance, attorney Travis Vance weighs in on U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration’s new rule on workplace safety examinations for mines.

Travis Vance, an attorney in the Charlotte, North Carolina, office of Fisher Phillips L.L.P., said it is not clear whether the workplace examination rule might fall under a health and safety exemption to the stay, but opponents of the rule could use the changing administration as an opportunity to try to halt the rule.

When hazards are found, mine operators will now be required to notify miners working in the affected areas, which may create additional questions about whether miners working in areas near or adjacent to an affected area or those who traverse affected areas during their work must be notified, Mr. Vance said.

Compliance with the rule should not be especially complicated. Re-training employees who will perform the safety examinations is likely to be the major action mine operators must take, in addition to ensuring hazards are promptly rectified, miners are kept aware of hazards and proper reporting takes place, Mr. Vance said.

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