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Public Union Fees Fight May See Another Day At High Court


The article, “Public Union Fees Fight May See Another Day At High Court,” featured in Law360, discussed how public sector unions dodged a challenge Tuesday to their ability to require union fees from public workers when a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court left intact a lower court decision that upheld the mandate.

Sarah Moore provided her take on the case.

Sarah said it is "clear the unions escaped by the skin of their teeth" this time around. But she added that a lot will ride on the person who takes the seat of Justice Scalia, who had made several statements during oral arguments that encapsulate why the issue won't go away easily.

One of Justice Scalia's statements Sarah pointed to was his utterance that "the problem is that everything that is collectively bargained with the government is within the political sphere, almost by definition." That sentence was one that cut to "the very heart of what the case is about and why it won't go away," she said.

To read the full article, please visit Law360.


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