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Pokémon No: How Playing the Game at Work Could Get You Fired


The article, “Pokémon No: How Playing the Game at Work Could Get You Fired,” featured on WBAP, discussed why playing Pokémon Go while on the clock could be hazardous to your paycheck.

Art Lambert said for one thing, the game gathers information that your boss might not want gathered.

“These apps have information-collecting mechanisms that we don’t quite understand,” said Art.  “And even if you think you understand it today, they change; you never know what type of data they’re collecting at any given time.”

He said other reasons playing Pokémon at work can get you fired are — obviously — neglecting your work, using up company bandwidth, and looking unprofessional to clients.  Safety is another big reason, as the game requires you to focus on the screen while moving around…a recipe for running into other people, things, equipment and so on.  Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has already banned the game at work.

To read the full article, please visit WBAP.


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