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Pay Equity Practice Group Co-Chair Comments on Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act


Pay Equity Practice Group Co-Chair Kathleen Caminiti is quoted in the NJBiz article "Pay Them Now or Pay Up Later." This article discusses the potential cost companies may face under the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act, which makes it illegal for women and minorities to be compensated less than others who perform similar work. To correct any pay disparities Kathleen suggests employers conduct a privileged pay equity audit analyzing wages company-wide.

“In terms of good practice, if you want to be compliant with a law, it’s a good idea to see if they have a problem,” she said. “But of course if they do, they need to take steps to remedy any pay disparities that they can find.”

“Employers doing an audit might realize it appears that there is a pay disparity because the job titles are the same, but when you look at the description, you’ve got significant differences in experience or performance that warrant a differential,” she adds.

To read the full article, visit NJ Biz. (subscription required)


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