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Pay Equity Co-Chairs Address Return to Pay Data Reporting with National Media


In a surprise move, a federal court struck down a rule that freed employers from reporting their pay data. Cheryl Behymer and Cheryl Pinarchick, co-chairs of the firm’s national Pay Equity practice, spoke with reporters at NPR, SHRMHR Executive, The National Law Journal and Law360 about what the ruling means for pay equity compliance. Now that employers will be obligated to report their data, they point to the challenges employers will face. In an interview with Law360, Cheryl says: “the databases that most employers have for their payroll is separate from their [HR] database that tracks demographic data. So, getting those two to integrate was something that employers were really struggling with when they thought they were going to have to report that pay data before.”

To read the full articles, visit NPR, SHRM, HR Executive, The National Law Journal and Law360 (some subscriptions required).

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