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Partner Talks to Law Week Colorado About Workplace Safety Changes to Expect Under Biden


In an interview with Law Week Colorado, Kristin White discusses some of the big changes that employers should expect at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the Biden administration. The article predicts that OSHA will have “more inspectors, a bigger budget and will issue new standards handling the pandemic.” For her part, Kristin predicts that OSHA will ramp up enforcement efforts with a focus on some of the regulations that have been largely unenforced over the past four years, including an anti-retaliation rule to protect employees who report workplace injuries or illnesses. Kristin recommends that employers look back to Obama-era policies to prepare for what’s ahead by “dusting off some of the practices from four or five years ago and thinking along those lines again.”

To read the article visit Law Week Colorado.


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