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Partner Mark Ricciardi Featured In Nevada Business Magazine


Managing Partner Mark Ricciardi was featured in the January Issue of Nevada Business Magazine.

A group of Nevada attorneys met at the offices of First Security Bank to discuss the trends and challenges facing their industry.

Connie Brennan, publisher and CEO of Nevada Business Magazine, served as moderator for the event.

At the roundtable event, Mark was asked how the economy has changed the legal industry.

“Both locally and across the country, companies of usually larger sizes, but even medium sizes, are doing requests for proposals. Sometimes it’s your own clients asking you to submit a proposal to keep doing their work, treating legal services like any other commodity, outsourcing and looking for the lowest bidder,” said Mark. “It’s due to the way the economy impacted most companies. They are forced to look at the bottom line and expense each line item, not just give a free pass to personal services like they did for many years.”

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