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Partner Comments on Reducing Legal Liability Related to COVID-19 in the Workplace


Employers are struggling to figure out how to protect their businesses from both the virus and the legal liabilities stemming from the pandemic. In an interview with Inc., partner Travis Vance discusses the unprecedented fallout from COVID-19 noting that he has already advised between 300 and 400 businesses on their coronavirus responses strategies. Vance notes that “[m]ost employers are going to get a confirmed case sooner or later, so the question is how to respond.”

The article goes on to explain that businesses should be thinking about what comes next, and they should start preparing now for when their workers return to the workplace. “Vance says he’s already fielding a flood of inquiries from companies about what work-from-home policies ought to look like post-pandemic.” He comments on this by telling employers “if you haven’t already, start thinking through your remote work policies and how they might change.”

To read the article, visit Inc.


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