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Overtime Rule May Hurt Workplace Morale


Jim McDonald was quoted in SHRM on August 12, 2015. The article “Overtime Rule May Hurt Workplace Morale” discussed why HR professionals will have many disgruntled employees on their hands when they reclassify workers as exempt or nonexempt after the proposed overtime rule is finalized.

Jim told SHRM Online that some employees view a reclassification from exempt to nonexempt as though “they are no longer considered part of ‘management.’ ”

“Nonexempt employees typically don’t have the freedom to adjust their work schedules on occasion to meet family obligations, or to return phone calls or e-mails after hours, or to catch up on paperwork on weekends,” Jim said. “Opportunities to travel and attend work-related networking events after hours may also be limited for nonexempt employees.”

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.


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