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OSHA Highlights Health Care Workplace Dangers


Howard Mavity was quoted in Corporate Counsel on July 15, 2015. The article “OSHA Highlights Health Care Workplace Dangers” discussed how in an effort to address health care workplace hazards, OSHA recently released a memorandum that puts employers that run hospitals and residential care facilities on high alert regarding several aspects of employee safety, most notably musculoskeletal injuries and workplace violence.

Howard told that his firm has seen growing focus on the topic from OSHA across industries. He noted OSHA’s apparent interest in equipment that mechanizes the lifting process to minimize strain to workers, including in medical settings. “OSHA is very serious about this, and they are really pushing these patient lifts,” he said.

Howard said that he would advise in-house counsel in charge of medical facilities who haven’t yet done an analysis of their situation to strongly consider getting a well-qualified ergonomist to do one, otherwise they could be caught unaware and empty-handed if OSHA shows up. “I’m telling in-house counsel to get ahead of it, because you don’t want to be challenging [OSHA’s] conclusions,” he said. “You want to be in the position that they’re challenging yours.”

To read the full article, please visit Corporate Counsel.

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