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Oregon Employers Rocked as Judge Blocks Obama-backed Rule Extending Overtime Pay


In the article "Oregon Employers Rocked as Judge Blocks Obama-backed Rule Extending Overtime Pay," featured in Portland Business Journal, attorney Rich Meneghello comments on how the recent block of the proposed new overtime rule will effect Oregon businesses. 

"This is a shocking development: For workplace lawyers in Portland, this news is as big of a surprise as Trump’s election," he said. "No one was expecting this to happen."

"He would have to engineer a formal rules-altering process to reverse the rules," he said. " And that’s even if he wants to do that. He has given no indication about whether he supports or opposes these specific rules. It’s anyone’s guess as to how he will treat them when he gets into office."

"They might have already given wage increases to comply with the rules, not expecting this decision at all," Meneghello said. "It might be disastrous for morale to roll back the changes and decrease pay right after doling out raises. If an employer has announced the changes but not yet put them into place, they have to decide whether to stall and await a final decision on the matter, or go ahead with the announced changes to avoid an internal revolt."

To read the full article, please visit Portland Business Journal.


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