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Obama's NLRB Rattles Employers by Ordering Printer to Keep Union


Tampa Partner Steve Bernstein was quoted in an article entitled “Obama’s NLRB Rattles Employers by Ordering Printer to Keep Union,” in Bloomberg Business Week.

When a majority of its press operators decided to quit the Teamsters, Pacific Publishing Co. in Seattle immediately stopped negotiating with the union, according to the article.

The Teamsters complained to the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, where the agency’s general counsel sided with the union. The general counsel asked the board to give the labor group more time to persuade the unhappy members to return to the fold.

Employer groups say the decision shows the board, operating at full strength for the first time since President Barack Obama took office five years ago, is tilting toward unions.

“The stars seem aligned in favor of labor organizations for really the first time in over a decade.” said Steven. “Employers should be very anxious.”

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