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Obama Proposes Expanding Overtime Pay To Nearly 5 Million Workers


John Thompson was featured on NPR on June 30, 2015. The segment “Obama Proposes Expanding Overtime Pay To Nearly 5 Million Workers” discussed the White House's new proposed rules that will boost the number of people eligible to receive overtime pay. However, the rules are facing opposition from the retail and restaurant industries.

John was quoted on how doubling the salary threshold suddenly could hurt a broad swath of industry and create unintended consequences for workers as well.

John said, “Oh, I think it will have widespread effect.”

“It's going to affect a wide range of businesses and industries and by the way, not just private sector or for-profit, but also probably government employers, nonprofit employers. So a substantial increase in the salary to us is going to be a big deal.”

To hear the full segment, please visit NPR.


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