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NY Minimum Wage Bump Would Increase "Spread Pay" Liability


New Jersey attorney Kathie Caminiti was quoted in two Law360 articles on the New York minimum wage increase.  The articles discussed a move to raise New York's hourly minimum wage to $9.00 and how it would generate higher-value claims for more employees under unique state "spread of hours" rules that entitle low-wage workers to an extra hour's pay for workdays spanning 10 hours or more, regardless of breaks or split shifts.  "The hospitality workers are the ones that are most likely to benefit," Kathie said as she discussed how the new rules are designed to benefit restaurant workers who may work a three-hour morning shift and a four- or five-hour night shift with a long break in between. She also addressed the fact that the spread of hours rules are not well-known, nor the potential to affect payrolls. "If you're a company that's got a national presence, it may not be programmed in your payroll system.”


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