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No Need To Hang That NLRB Employee Rights Poster


Steve Bernstein was quoted in an article on entitled “No Need To Hang That NLRB Employee Rights Poster.”

Employers, with the exception of federal contractors, who are redecorating the office for the new year should know that they won’t need to hang a poster of the National Labor Relations Board’s “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act” on the wall.

NLRB’s poster rule, which required that most private sector employers, both union and non-union, hang the poster conspicuously in the workplace, is dead for now.

The board officially announced that it would not seek U.S. Supreme Court review of two federal appeals court decisions that declared the rule invalid.

“These posters never made their way on to the walls,” Steve said. “There was a period of time where myself and others were telling clients to get ready for it, but it didn’t happen.”


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