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NLRB Joint Employer Ruling May Affect Workplace Safety


Theresa Gallion was quoted in Bloomberg BNA on September 21, 2015. The article “NLRB Joint Employer Ruling May Affect Workplace Safety” discussed how the National Labor Relations Board's recent joint employer holding could make workplaces less safe by encouraging host employers to keep their subcontracted workers at arm's length.

Theresa was quoted on limited safety training.

Theresa told employers during a Sept. 14 conference call that employers should be careful about providing safety training or offering safety presentations to a subcontractor's workers.

Doing so can create the impression that the host employer has potential or actual control over the subcontracted workers, she said. Instead, an employer should only provide safety information to the subcontractor's management, and then indicate that it is entrusting the subcontractor to make the right decisions for its own workers, Theresa said.

To read the full story please visit Bloomberg BNA.

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