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NJ Bridge Debacle Disrupts Protocols For Employee Email


New Jersey Partner Chris Mills was quoted in the Law360 article "NJ Bridge Debacle Disrupts Protocols For Employee Email," on January 14, 2014.

The article highlighted the debate of allowing employees to use personal devices to conduct work activities.

After New Jersey's scandal over politically motivated lane closings to the George Washington Bridge, some legal professionals suggest public and private sector employers should revisit their device use policies.

The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter calling on Governor Chris Christie and acting Attorney General John Jay Hoffman to institute a formal policy that would require all public employees to use their government-issued email accounts to conduct public business and to furnish hard copies of any work-related correspondences that take place on personal accounts.

 “None of this is a reason to stop using bring-your-own-device policies, but it may be a reason to make sure that the policy has all the right ingredients to it, meaning that it clearly specifies what the employer considers to be subject to audit or review due to its classification as a business communication,” said Chris. “In light of this and other, prior scandals, employers would be well-advised to adopt such policies.”

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