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New Undocumented Driver's License Law Tests Employers


Jim Fessenden was quoted in San Diego Daily Transcript on April 27, 2015. The article “New Undocumented Driver's License Law Tests Employers” addressed the challenges employers face, in light of a California law prohibiting discrimination against those possessing AB 60 licenses -- driver’s licenses for undocumented persons.

Jim was quoted on his take of the California law.

Jim said he agrees the AB 1660 asks employers to walk a tightrope, but he thinks it should be a manageable one.

He said in light of the new statute, employers need to remember it is illegal for them to request to see an employee's driver’s license if one is not required by law for employment.

“If a job does not require driving, there is no basis for requesting a driver’s license in the first place,” Jim said.

The law also requires employers to treat any information they obtain about employees' driver's licenses as private and confidential.

Jim recommended that employers make sure their human resources personnel are aware of that change, as well as the rest of AB 1660’s various impacts.

To read the full article, please visit San Diego Daily Transcript.

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