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New Mass. Equal Pay Law Means More Work for Employers


The article, “New Mass. Equal Pay Law Means More Work for Employers,” featured in Corporate Counsel, discussed how a new Massachusetts law enacted this month, banning employers from asking about job applicants' previous salary histories with the aim of reducing the gender pay gap, presents new challenges for businesses in the state and may be influential.

Amber Elias weighed in on what the new law means for employers.

Companies operating in Massachusetts will have to re-examine how they solicit information from job candidates to ensure compliance.  Amber said her firm recommends companies focus on asking what salary a potential employee wants, rather than about past salaries.

"If you frame it as a question about an expected salary, then you can have that conversation early on and have a more efficient hiring process in general," she said.

To read the full article, please visit Corporate Counsel [subscription required].


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