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New Law Changes Rules For Employee Handgun Possession


Labor and employment attorneys are urging business and property owners to review their employee handgun policies to ensure they comply with a new law expanding the rights of those who have concealed carry licenses. In the article, "New Law Changes Rules For Employee Handgun Possession," featured in Akron Legal News, Attorney Melissa Dials discusses the impact of this new law and addresses the concerns of employers.

Dials said while the bill does provide business entities, property owners and employers with immunity in a civil action for any injuries, damages or deaths that might result from storing or transporting the handgun or ammunition under the new law, “it will not stop employees from filing workers’ compensation claims for any injuries suffered as a result.”

Dials also advises employers to either revise their existing policies to incorporate the specifics of the new law or simply amend them to read that firearms and ammunition are prohibited everywhere unless otherwise allowed by law.

To read the full article, please visit Akron Legal News.


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