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New Jersey Employers Don’t Have to Let You Vote


The article, “New Jersey Employers Don’t Have to Let You Vote,” featured on NJ 101.5, highlighted how in New Jersey there is not a state law that entitles employees to time off to cast their vote on Election Day.

According to Alvaro Hasani, “many employers” in New Jersey have voluntarily implemented voting leave policies for their workers, and those policies can generally be found in those companies’ handbooks.

“They don’t want their employees to have to choose between showing up to work and voting,” Alvaro told NJ 101.5. “They recognize that participating in the democratic process leads to an informed workforce and responsible citizenship.”

This leave, he said, generally doesn’t permit an employee to miss work for an entire day. An hour or two is allotted for voting either at the beginning or end of a shift, paid or unpaid, he said.

To read the full article, please visit NJ 101.5.


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