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New Jersey Attorney Interviews on Potential Impact of State’s Pending Non-Disclosure Bill


In reaction to the growing #MeToo movement, New Jersey may soon join states like New York, California and Washington in prohibiting non-disclosure agreements in workplace sexual harassment and discrimination cases. Senate Bill 121 awaits Governor Phil Murphy’s signature and could eliminate employers’ options for arbitration. In an interview with NJBiz, Alvaro Hasani explained the bill’s potentially wide-reaching impact: “Several other states already have mandatory arbitration agreements and NDAs but they’ve only done so as it relates to sexual harassment claims only. What the New Jersey bill does, it’s really just much wider in scope in that it covers literally every type of claim under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. All of your protected categories, all types of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.”

To read the full article, visit NJBiz.  

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