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Need More Job Candidates? Consider Eliminating Drug Tests


The article, “Need More Job Candidates? Consider Eliminating Drug Tests,” featured in NY Daily News, reported on the significant increase in job applicants employers have seen by eliminating drug testing as a condition of employment.

David Lichtenberg discussed why at times it is wise to avoid drug testing.

"Even if an employee passed a pre-hire drug test, it does not mean that they will be drug-free throughout their entire tenure of employment, or that the employee has not used illegal drugs in the past," said David, who advises employers on how to draft legally compliant drug testing policies.

"In addition, if an employee engages in conduct that violates work rules, unless the employer is required to do so, it is oftentimes wise to avoid drug testing, as there is simply no need for it. Focus on the behavior at issue and be consistent in your approach to discipline under the circumstances.”

“Of course, if the drug policy must be utilized, an employer must be confident that all of the required steps have been followed to the letter," David added.

To read the full article, please visit NY Daily News.


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