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More States Are Banning Salary History Questions


A growing number of states and cities are banning questions about an applicants salary history. The move is designed to help close the pay gap by stopping new salaries from being set off previous ones, but in some cases, employers are still asking the question when they shouldn’t be. Cheryl Pinarchick, co-chair of the firm’s Pay Equity practice, spoke with The Washington Post about whether employers are following the laws. She said employers are taking it seriously. However, “some have been slower to take that practical step they need to take to educate everyone in the hiring chain. There’s still a lot of folks in hiring positions who just don’t know [about the new laws].” Because the laws are new enough, the questions may still come up, especially at smaller employers without dedicated H.R. teams or in discussions behind closed doors.

To read the full article, visit The Washington Post.


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