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Minimize Risk at Holiday Parties By Reminding Employees of Behavior Policies


Andria Ryan was quoted in Bloomberg BNA on December 8, 2014. The article “Minimize Risk at Holiday Parties By Reminding Employees of Behavior Policies” discussed how reminding employees that rules of conduct apply at company holiday parties helps minimize inappropriate behavior that can leave employers liable for harassment and other misconduct.

Andria said that employers need to remind employees that their conduct and behavior at holiday events reflects on the company and “the company expects employees to enjoy the event while maintaining professional standards in their conduct and dress.”

Andria commented that employers that deal directly with religious, ethnic and generational differences when planning a holiday party are more likely to foster an inclusive environment. She said it's important that all employees feel welcome but are not required to attend a holiday party.

“Consider allowing spouses and significant others to attend,” Andria said, especially at a night-time event.

“I even work with one client that—instead of an employee party—holds a holiday event for the children and grandchildren of employees,” she noted, adding that at that event, there are “no alcohol or dress code issues.”

To read the full article, please visit Bloomberg BNA.


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