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Millions Could Get OT Pay with Proposed Rule


Mike Abcarian was quoted in The Dallas Morning News on July 1, 2015. The article “Millions Could Get OT Pay with Proposed Rule” discussed the Department of Labor's new proposed overtime rule, which will likely give millions of American workers bigger paychecks or more time off.

Mike was quoted on his take of this new proposed rule.

“We’re talking about a sea change in wage and hour regulation and in what the costs are going to be for employers,” said Mike. “It’s going to require a tremendous amount of decisions by employers.”

Mike said the American workforce has changed a lot since Congress first passed rules aimed at reinforcing the 40-hour work week as the norm. But he said for many workers and their employers, that’s no longer standard.

Mike said companies often rely on salaried workers’ long hours to accomplish necessary tasks to operate the business. As a result, they could be forced to hire more workers, he said.

Most companies, including his clients, have been thinking about the new rules for many months. He said the $50,000 threshold probably surprised some, but most observers knew big changes were coming.

“There is no sense trying to stop it. It’s like a tidal wave,” he said. “You know it’s coming, and you know it will transform the beach once it hits — maybe forever.”

To read the full article, please visit The Dallas Morning.

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