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Merrick Garland's Pro-Labor Rulings Run Deep on D.C. Circuit


The article, “Merrick Garland's Pro-Labor Rulings Run Deep on D.C. Circuit,” featured in The National Law Journal, discussed Judge Merrick Garland’s history of showing a great deal of deference to the NLRB.

Steve Bernstein weighed in on Judge Garland’s past opinions.

Only in four other cases has he ruled against even a portion of an NLRB decision, Steve said.

“To me, that’s pretty striking,” he said.

“He’s shown the NLRB a great deal of deference,” Steve added. “Some would say that’s not unusual, but I would point out he’s a member of the D.C. Circuit, and that circuit has been as skeptical of the board’s authority as any in the land.”

To read the full article, please visit The National Law Journal.


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