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MarketWatch Relies on Cleveland Attorney's Guidance


MarketWatch was asked whether an employee’s relative could get financial assistance from the employer to help pay for the costs associated with the relative’s death due to coronavirus. In its response, MarketWatch relied, in part, on the valuable information found in a recent blog post written by Jerry Cline.

In the response, MarketWatch raises the concept of “presumption of occupational disease,” and, in order to explain what this means, they cite to Jerry’s post that he wrote on this same topic. The article uses Jerry’s words to define the presumption and describe that “…it means the law concludes that any such public servants who contract cardiovascular, pulmonary, or respiratory diseases are presumed to have contracted such diseases at work.” MarketWatch goes on to note Jerry’s prediction that employers should “[e]xpect the number of states enacting COVID-19 occupational disease claims to increase, as we are living through a resurgence of increased infection, which will undoubtedly increase the risk of exposure to first responders and related worker classifications.”

To read the article, visit MarketWatch.


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