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Marijuana Legalization Presents Predicament For Employees


Danielle Urban was featured in a Main Street article.

Partaking in smoking marijuana where it is legal recreationally is now a viable option for adults 21 and up, but your employer may not agree, according to the article.

Even if you live in Colorado or Washington where recreational use of marijuana is legal for adults, employers can still fire you if they have a zero tolerance drug policy.

Some employers have become more lenient with some policies such as having alcohol at company office parties, the same extension is not being given to marijuana in many instances.

One of the issues regarding marijuana is that you can not test the level of impairment since THC, one of the 483 known compounds in the plant, can stay in your body for 30 days or longer, said Danielle.

"The law is on the side of the employers instituting whatever policy they want to have in place," she said

Even if you are using cannabis for medicinal purposes, you are not exempt. However, many employers want to accommodate the medical needs of their employees, she said. Some companies will recommend that employees take a leave of absence.

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