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Louisville Business First Interviews Partner on the Risks of Reopening During a Pandemic


In a Q&A with Louisville Business First, partner Laurel Cornell discusses some of the risks and considerations for employers as they begin to reopen their businesses amid the pandemic. She starts by laying out the various legal claims that employers could potentially face with recommendations on how employers can mitigate against these claims. Overall, Laurel notes that “[t]he best way for an employer to defend against these types of claims is to vigilantly follow applicable OSHA, CDC, and state and local guidance to try to ensure a safe working environment.”

In the Q&A Laurel also addresses whether employers can take employee temperatures and implement other preventative safety measures like requiring employees to wear GPS monitoring devices to ensure safe distance. Laurel explains that employers must have a legitimate business justification for implementing these types of measures and they must also be very careful not to violate employees’ workplace privacy rights in the process.

To read the full article, visit Louisville Business First (subscription required).


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