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LGBT Bias Ruling Likely Not Court's Last Word in Case


In a recent case, Evans v. Ga. Reg'l Hosp., a federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled that the federal civil rights law doesn't prohibit discrimination against gay and lesbian workers. This decision was made on the argument that bias based on sexual orientation is discrimination under Title VII. There is, however, those that question if Title VII's ban on sex bias necessarily prohibits discrimination against lesbian and gay workers. 

In the article, "LGBT Bias Ruling Likely Not Court's Last Word in Case," featured on Bloomberg BNA, Attorney Randall Coffey comments on the likelihood that this case will be escalated to a higher court.

There's “a good probability” the full 11th Circuit will take up the case, said J. Randall Coffey. And it “seems inevitable” the issue will “eventually wend its way” to the Supreme Court, Coffey told Bloomberg BNA March 13.

To read the full article, please visit Bloomberg BNA.



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