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Let's Talk About Pay Equality in the Workplace


Cheryl Behymer offered advice to employers in the Corporate Counsel article “Let's Talk About Pay Equality in the Workplace.”

President Barack Obama issued an executive order aimed at government contractors and subcontractors. These measures, respectively, prohibit these employers from retaliating against employees who discuss pay, and require further reporting of pay data by gender and race.

The new executive order prohibits employers that are federal contractors or subcontractors from retaliating against employees or job applicants who discuss or inquire about salary.

What can companies do to prepare for Obama’s executive order and the memorandum?

Cheryl told Corporate Counsel that she would advise employers with federal contracts to engage in a self-audit on a periodic basis to ensure that there is nothing amiss in pay data.

“You want your workers to be happy and productive employees and to be fairly compensated,” she said. “That makes for a good workforce.”

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