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Legislation Bringing Big Changes to Higher Education


Scott Schneider, who heads up the firm’s Higher Education Practice, was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education article “What You Need to Know About the GOP Bill to Bring Sweeping Changes to Higher Ed.” Scott often advises the leaders at colleges and universities how to deal with sexual assault on campus. That includes how to handle discipline in cases of assault. The GOP bill addresses that issue. Scott said, “For instance, schools will get to pick which standard of evidence they will use in disciplinary proceedings,” as long as that standard is applied consistently. “Preponderance of evidence,” a lower standard compared with “clear and convincing evidence,” according to due-process advocates, was set out in a 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter from the Obama administration. The Trump Administration repealed the Obama-era regulations in September. 

The article can be read on the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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