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Legal Departments Can Take the Lead When Workplace Disaster Hits


Because of the constant threat of active shooters in the workplace, it is important for employers to have plans and policies in place in case of such an incident. In the article, "Legal Departments Can Take the Lead When Workplace Disaster Hits," featured in Corporate Counsel, Howard Mavity discusses the important role that legal departments play in facilitating a safe work environment.

“When something terrible happens that involves the loss of life at a worksite, even if the manager is a decorated, former member of SEAL Team 6, all you can expect is [that they] work with emergency responders and coordinate with getting employees out,” said Mavity. “But someone has to step in and basically take over every other aspect.”

Mavity implores general counsel and their legal departments to identify key employees to handle a crisis. Table-top exercises, he said, create chances to answer questions that typically get ignored: Who is going to deal with law enforcement? Who is going to reassure uninjured employees that they are safe and that their job is secure? Who will coordinate with insurance companies responding to a shooting? Who will work with government agencies starting potential investigations?

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