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Law360 Turns to Wage and Hour Co-Chair for Takeaways on DOL’s New Expense Guidance


In a recent interview with Law360, Kathleen Caminiti, co-chair of Fisher Phillips’ Wage and Hour practice, breaks down some of the key takeaways from the DOL’s new guidance allowing employers that reimburse workers' business expenses to choose the IRS mileage rate or any other method. The guidance is aimed at pizza delivery drivers and other food deliver businesses. Kathie explains that the biggest impact of the guidance is that it lets employers choose from several possible ways to determine expense reimbursements. The IRS mileage rate may be an easy tool, but the DOL guidance allows employers to choose something else that makes sense for their situation. "Businesses have been using the reasonable approximation approach, and the opinion letter confirms that is the correct approach," she said.

To read the full article, visit Law360 (subscription required).


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