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Latino Professionals Fear Being Racially Profiled in Arizona


The Phoenix Business Journal quoted Shayna Balch in the April 30, 2010 article "Latino Professionals Fear Being Racially Profiled in Arizona."

The article focused on Latino workers' fear of being racially profiled in Arizona due to the state’s new immigration law which “essentially sends the message to the Latino community that they are not welcomed in the country they were born in, live in and contribute to.”

Shayna advised that employers should not use the new immigration law to treat Latino workers differently from other groups.

Shayna explained, “That employers need to understand that this new law does not permit (them) to place any group of workers under increased scrutiny or question them about their immigration status beyond the current E-Verify and I-9 framework.” She added, “Rather, the bill is aimed at providing police officers with the authority to demand proper immigration paperwork from individuals if there is a reasonable suspicion that the individual is undocumented.”

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