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Labor of Law: NLRB’s Move to Overturn Joint Employer Blew Up. Now What?


Brian Gershengorn and Michael Marra are quoted in the article “Labor of Law: NLRB’s Move to Overturn Joint Employer Blew Up. Now What?” The attorneys provided comment on the 2nd Circuit ruling of Zarda v. Altitude Express, a case concerning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Brian and Michael say the decision will “serve as a reminder to employers in these three states to fully respect the rights granted by their powerful state and local laws, especially now that employees have another tool in their toolbox in the form of a potential Title VII claim.”

“You should take heed and prepare for this possible trend to extend workplace protection rights for LGBT workers based on sexual orientation. This includes a review of workplace policies and practices, managerial training materials, employee anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training sessions, interview and hiring protocols, benefits offerings, and any other practice which may otherwise unfairly target workers because of their sexual orientation,” they added.

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