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Labor Lawyer Michael Abcarian: The Secrets To His Success


When he was a boy, Michael Abcarian wanted to be a doctor. Then he cut his finger and realized he didn’t like the sight of blood. Shortly thereafter, he decided being a lawyer would be more up his alley, and he’s never looked back. 

“I have never regretted the decision to become a lawyer, Abcarian said. “I think it was what I was meant to do.” 

Few could argue with the labor and employment lawyer’s choice. Abcarian, the managing partner of Fisher Phillips’ Dallas office, has won virtually everything he has handled at the courthouse. Along the way, he has helped employers of all sizes navigate the minefield of employment law, ranging from large class actions and complex litigation to smaller labor disputes.

Mike Abcarian was profiled and interviewed in the July 19, 2013 issue of the Dallas Business Journal
A video is available for viewing on the publication’s website.


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